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Airforce Talon SS .20 Cal Black Air Rifle

Airforce Talon SS .20 Cal Black Air Rifle

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Airforce Talon SS .20 Cal Black Air Rifle

The Talon SS has become a very popular part of the product line thanks to the innovative muzzle cap that strips away air turbulence and reduces discharge sound levels. Adjust the power down for quiet backyard target practice or up for small game hunting or pest control. Available in .22, .20 and .177 caliber, black, blue or red finish. Features: * .22, .20 or .177 Caliber * Lothar Walther Barrel * Pressure Relief Device * Adjustable Power * Multiple Mounting Rails * Recoiless * Lightweight * Detachable Air Tank * Available in Black, Blue or Red Finish Technical Specs: * Velocity: 400-1000 feet per second (Depending on caliber, pellet weight, and power setting) * Power Adjustment: User-adjustable * Maximum Fill Pressure: 3000 psi / 200 bar * Action: Single shot * Weight: 5.25 lbs. * Length: 32.75 inches * Barrel: 12 inches * Trigger: 2-stage adjustable for position * Sights: Open optical sights may be installed * Typical Groups: 1 inch or less at 50 yards * Air Tank Volume: 490cc * Safety: Automatic on cocking. Can be reset by pushing cocking knob completely forward

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