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Once you've experienced the ease of cooking with the Bayou Classic Ceramic Cypress Kamado Grill, you'll never want to go back to a conventional metal grill! The ancient art of Kamado grilling uses ceramic for its superior insulating quality; that means that this grill will hold in heat and moisture better than conventional grills. This results in more efficient smoking or grilling, with less charcoal consumption. The grill's rounded shape also aids in the cooking process, allowing radiating heat to circulate and fully penetrate your food.


The Cypress Kamado grill comes in your choice of configuration: either just the grill, or with the sturdy steel cart and two side shelves. The shelves have convenient hooks to keep your grilling tools close at hand, while the cart has a lower shelf for added storage. The cart's casters and wheels lock, letting you easily move your grill to your desired location, then keep it from rolling away. Vertical support struts hold your grill securely.


Whichever configuration you choose, the Cypress Kamado grill will give you years of dependable, headache-free cooking. Best of all, it's suitable for year-round use, so you can get the grilled or smoked flavor you love, no matter the weather!

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