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Small Engine Service

The Service Departments at Morris Levin and Son are among the best service and repair centers in the San Joaquin Valley. Our technicians have experience servicing everything from lawn and garden equipment to pumps, generators and construction equipment. We are not a rental yard, our technicians have experience servicing all small engine machinery such as, mowers, tillers, ride-a-long mowers, reel mowers, blowers, edgers, hedge trimmers and much more.  So before you throw your tool away because it keeps breaking down on you, bring it in and let's see if we can fix it for you. 

Service Rates

Chain Saw Sharpening

 Chain Off SawChain On Saw
Below 14" $5.00 $10.50
15" to 20" $6.00 $10.50
24" to 28" $7.00 $12.50
29" to 36" $8.00 $12.50
37" and over $10.00 $15.00


Reel Mower Sharpening
17" to 20" $55.00
25" to 27" $67.50
28" and over Quote on Request
Back Lapping $29.50/hr


Shop Labor Rate
Shop Labor Rate $59.50/hr (1 hr minimum)
Emergency Labor Rate $69.50/hr (1 hr minimum)
Estimate Fee $39.50